The Hunter And The Fluid City
1. INTRODUCTION Bolidism and fluid city

Maurizio Corrado
Founded in Bologna in 1986 by a group of 15 architects, Bolidism suddenly became successful and popular as a new artistic movement, immediately capturing the communication world.

Bolidism is growing in the various fields of culture, music, literature, relying on the philosophical foundation based on the individuation of new mobile and quick life-style finding it reasons in the story of man's evolution.

By synthesis, the figure of a new professional man is now outlined with the characteristic of material and thinking mobility, using intuition as working instrument and the planet as his action-field. This new social tipology is called 'bolidist'. The resulting model finds its reasons in man's physical structure and the proof in his evolutive history. In short, from his appearance on the earth, up to 10.000 years ago, more than 9/10 of his existence, man developed himselfs as mobile-hunter. 10.000 years aqo he changed his model, became sedentary, but not modifying his mental and physical structure, remaining mobile.

The definition of a new social tipology determines new behaviours, new ways of using lime and space, and a concept of different city comes out: FLUID CITY.

For the bolidist it is meaningless to live in one single piace, this is the real great news; the lack of a single piace destined to living, home meant as 'return'. We are still in a phase where the physical presence of the operator is required, he moves very quickly from one place to the other, he lives in a territory and not in a specific city. We tend to the cancellation of physical displacements in favour of the electronic contemporary presence in various places. In practice, the bolidist tends to immobility and simultaneous presence in various places.

The Fluid City is not physically definable, it is a whole of limitless physical contacts. We can define the city a union of a defined space and of relationships among its people; the concept of Fluid City places itself on a different level: the Fluid City does not physically exists, it exists as union among people living far away one from the other but mutually influencing themselves, just like in a normal city.

The Fluid City places itself above spaces like a nervous system.